My name is Lindsay Wong and I’m a wife and mother of two girls who are growing up too fast! We relocated from our home in Northern California in 2018 to Oahu, Hawaii. This magical island holds so much beauty and potential that it drove me to want to capture images that display the joy, love, and energy of the people who are living here or visiting it on their travels. I am passionate about stopping time and creating memories for myself and my clients. Plus, I am also excited about any adventure, whether it is on this island or beyond!
I started my love of photography early in life as a teenager–on film no less!

Over the last 25 years, I have slowly been building my passion in this art form all the while continuing to grow and evolve. After my girls were born, I was desperate to create long-lasting memories of them in every stage of life. From that passion, I began capturing memories for friends and family. In the last 5 years, I have started to hone my skills and slowly offer my expertise to an expanded client base. I continue to grow and change and, most recently, I have been taking online and in-person workshops that have given me a large bank of new skills that fill me with a new sense of passion and desire to create. I have also added short films to my skill set that helps me document the living and breathing essence of your session. Let me create magic with you!

Our session begins the moment you reach out and book. I want to be there with you to help you find the right location and the perfect wardrobe to help your family truly shine! I know there is so much planning that goes into a session and I want to be there to help you the entire way. During our session I am looking for your authentic emotion as you interact with your loved ones. There is no need to pose and smile, but I will encourage you to interact and explore the beautiful location we have chosen and offer ideas to spark those priceless memories. Think about snuggling, hugging, and playing together….my goal is to make this the most fun you have had while all dressed up! I can’t promise I will get all eyes on the camera and stiff poses, but I do promise to observe and find a way to make you come to life in stills and film. I cannot wait to capture your story! 


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