My name is Lindsay Wong and I’m a wife and mother of two girls who are growing up too fast! We relocated from our home in Northern California in 2018 to Oahu, Hawaii. This magical island holds so much beauty and potential that it drove me to want to capture images that display the joy, love, and energy of this phase of life. I am passionate about stopping time and creating memories for myself and my clients. Plus, I am also excited about any adventure, whether it is on this island or beyond!
I started my love of photography early in life as a teenager–on film no less!

Over the last 25 years, I have slowly been building my passion in this art form all the while continuing to grow and evolve. I started as a family photographer and still have a passion for creating memories with the families who reach out, but I have shifted my focus to couples in the last few years and want to start at the beginning with you to document the beginning of your LOVE STORY and follow that story through the years with you.  I am all about creating comfort and connection with you because I believe that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated exactly as you are wherever you are in your story.  That is when the magic happens!! 

Our session begins the moment you reach out. I want to be your partner in this experience and create a day that is a collaboration between your vision and my skills. Let’s set up a coffee chat or get on a phone call to see if we are a good fit.  Check out my past work and make sure you like my style and can see yourself in my current work and then let’s start planning your perfect day!  I offer so many services and have tried to bundle packages for clients in the past, but I have found each person and each day is unique, so I want to give you the freedom to find your vision. We can mix and match services together to create exactly what you need–nothing more, nothing less. You deserve to have all your memories documented just how you envision.

Reach out today and let’s get planning!

About what i do

Before our shoot I...

-Clearly communicate options for your experience

-Send a customized proposal to book

-Tailor a payment plan that fits your needs

- Set up a call ( or multiple!) to go over details

-Offer ideas and recommendations for vendors

-Plan our ideal session together (knowing that the day of things might change and that is OK!)

-Design a mood board together or chat about dreams

-Help with styling ideas and offer options to borrow

-Customize a timeline and share with all involved

-Am your partner in all things related to your session!

On your day I ...

-Arrive earlier than scheduled to walk the area

-Revise our plan for our session with the elements

-Weather is to be embraced and worked around! I very rarely reschedule or cancel.

-Bring all the equipment needed plus backups (my type A brain needs to check and recheck this one!)

-Follow the timeline and parameters agreed on

-Encourage and communicate with everyone

-Create a positive atmosphere for our work to shine

-Be your hype girl and biggest cheerleader!!

After your day I...

-Deliver a sneak peak for all celebrations of love within 1 week (no sneak peaks for hour sessions)

-Include ALL images we captured that add to the story (no RAW images are delivered-Only edited)

-Create true to life and authentic images just how your time with me unfolded (no over editing, photoshop work on bodies especially)

-Send full galleries for hour sessions within 3-4 weeks and multi hour days within 8 weeks.

-Anxiously wait for your feedback and Google reviews!! I love serving my clients to the fullest, so it fills my heart to hear what you think.


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