Tips for planning your Hawaiian Engagement Photos

Congratulations on getting engaged!  You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things you have to do now that you are engaged, but the first priority is getting some amazing images so you can share your news with the world and create some memories of this special time. Here are some tips to consider to plan your photos session in Hawaii:

1. Choose your location: Hawaii offers many beautiful locations for engagement photos. Decide whether you want to take photos on the beach, in the mountains, or in a lush garden. Some popular locations on Oahu include Lanikai Beach, Diamond Head, and Kualoa Ranch. This engagement was shot on Kauai at a beautiful north shore beach, but you also have gorgeous hikes and canyons to choose from as well!

2. Consider the time of day: Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunsets, so consider scheduling your photo session during the golden hour, which is the hour before sunset. This will give your photos a warm, romantic glow. I also LOVE an early wake up call and a quiet beach for some amazing light at sunrise. We would shoot starting 30 mins before sunrise and into the bright light after the rise as well. There are locations that are better for sunrise or sunset on each island, so if you love a particular location ask if it is best for sunrise or sunset!

3. Dress appropriately: Hawaii has a warm, tropical climate, so choose outfits that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Consider wearing light, breathable fabrics and avoiding heavy or bulky clothing. We are also likely to have some wind, so be mindful with shorter dresses and hairs styles!

4. Hire a photographer: Look for a photographer who is experienced in shooting engagement photos in Hawaii. They will be able to recommend locations, poses, and lighting that will make your photos look amazing. If you settle on me with Illuminate photography you can bypass all the previous planning because I will do all the work for you and give you customized options every step of the way! If you are already looking for your wedding photographer I also offer included engagement sessions as an options for all my weddings! Reach out and see if we are a good match!

5. Bring props & extras: Consider bringing props that will add interest and personality to your photos. For example, you could bring a picnic blanket, a bouquet of flowers, or a surfboard. You can also plan for a couple outfit changes or looks- I always encourage a jump in the ocean at the end of every session, so bathing suits are always a good idea!

6. Have fun: The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your time at the session. Let your love for each other shine through in your photos, and don’t worry too much about getting the perfect shot. The most beautiful photos are often the ones that capture natural, candid moments!


My name is Lindsay Wong and I’m a wife and mother of two girls who are growing up too fast! We relocated from our home in Northern California in 2018 to Oahu, Hawaii. This magical island holds so much beauty and potential that it drove me to want to capture images that display the joy, love, and energy of this phase of life. I am passionate about stopping time and creating memories for myself and my clients. Plus, I am also excited about any adventure, whether it is on this island or beyond! I started my love of photography early in life as a teenager–on film no less!


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